Highlight Your Eyes With Fuller Eyelashes

Get lash extensions at our spa in Bozeman, MT

Many people have thin or short eyelashes naturally. For those that want to change their look, lash extensions can create a thicker, fuller appearance. If you're thinking about getting them, turn to Pure Bliss Salon & Spa LLC for recommendations.

You can visit our salon in Bozeman, MT for an in-depth consultation, where we'll:

  • Explain how to make your natural lashes longer
  • Make custom sections of our Whip Lashes MT lash extensions
  • Attach each lightweight section to your eyelashes

You can also come to us for lash lifting services or henna brow coloring services. To find out more about what we can do for you, call 406-599-7368 now.

See how easily you can remove facial or body hair

We offer a wide range of waxing services, so you can remove hair in any area you choose. Our esthetician can wax:

  • Eyebrows
  • Upper lips
  • Arms
  • Men's chests
  • Men's backs
  • Bikini areas
  • Legs

You'll leave our salon with smooth skin. Contact our team now to schedule expert waxing services.